Danila’s songs go beyond an album! They are a collection of compositions, narrations & stories that have been launched on a yearly basis as support to her breast cancer awareness campaigns.

Mastermind of an on-going catalogue where she brings to life her healing journey, representing a call-to-action of great personal growth, through profound motivational multi-genre songs of her authorship (music & lyrics), leveraging a variety of sounds only possible with a team of Grammy-caliber producers and superb vocal performers as for example, her own nephew, Johnny Sigal (renowned for his star role in Jesus Christ Superstar), the Venezuelan reggaetón revelation, Tito10, prodigious voices like that of Jorge Daher, Diamari Quilarque, or Berklee graduates as Evan, Lynn, Filip, as well as young emerging talents like Eri-CK, Stef PalSig, Sara Chesneau, etc.

Feel free to navigate and listen through to find out how her whole story unfolds.