Danila’s songs go beyond an album! They are a collection of compositions, narrations & stories that have been launched on a yearly basis as support to her on-going breast cancer awareness campaign.

Danila, as the strong visionary and corporate leader she is, created this one-of-a-kind project, forming a team of superb musicians (some even Grammy winners) whom under her vision and inspiration, brought to life her melodies and lyrics, with musical arrangements that make her testimony a multi-genre navigation across the different emotional states we all go through. Songs that are a call-to-action, with a meaningful sentiment, almost as if we submerge into a book with its chapters, expressed via the universal language of music, in which we feel the need to listen through and find out how the whole story unfolds.

Using the voices of other artists or her own, under the baton of Grammy winner producers, she brings a display of impeccable talent to this treasured masterpiece…